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Ccd Detection Technology Is Widely Used In Our Company's Connector Automatic Machines

time:2022-04-26 17:16source:

What are the functions of CCD machine vision:

1. Positioning function: It can automatically locate the position features on the appearance of the inspected product. During the detection process, if these appearance features are inconsistent with the image coordinates provided by the database, it can be judged that the product is a defective or defective product.

2. Measurement function: It can automatically measure the appearance size of the product, and use the CCD camera to shoot the detected product from multiple angles. It can measure the basic values ​​of the product's length, width and height. It can also be adjusted according to different product measurement requirements by increasing the number of CCD cameras and adjusting the angle. The measurement accuracy is improved by 0.001mm, and the size of objects of various shapes is measured at the same time. The corresponding size obtained through database operation is compared with the inherent data in the database to determine whether the product size is qualified.

3. Recognition function: It can automatically identify the color, graphics, characters, etc. of the product, and judge whether the characters, colors, and graphics appearing on the detected product are correct through the operation of the database, so as to judge whether the inspected product is qualified.

4. Detection function "It can automatically detect whether there are some unintended features on the product, and judge the features through database operation. These features of the inspected product have or exceed the new features that appear in the original features to determine whether the inspected product is qualified.

At present, our company uses CCD equipment to detect whether the welding wire is in the welding plate for the wire welding needs? Do the corresponding test experiments!