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Electronic Cigarette Parts Automatic Machine Development

time:2022-04-15 17:15source:

Electronic cigarette parts automatic machine development

While the global e-cigarette market is developing rapidly, my country's e-cigarette industry is also developing rapidly. In 2004, Han Li created my country's earliest electronic cigarette brand "Ruyan". Its achievements in the market that year can be said to be quite dazzling. The rise of the European and American electronic cigarette market has driven the development of electronic cigarette production in China, which is also the third stage. The explosive development of electronic cigarettes in my country has laid the foundation. In 2018, sufficient market supply, the development of e-commerce, and the overwhelming advertising prophesied that the third stage of the development of the domestic e-cigarette market will come, with "mist core technology" e-cigarette companies appearing in large numbers, developing rapidly, and the annual sales in 2020. 3.82 billion yuan, and the listing will be completed in just three years by 2021. At present, Shenzhen Baoan, as a domestic e-cigarette manufacturing center, has more than 14,000 related enterprises, and more than 90% of the country's e-cigarettes are produced here and go global.

With the rapid development of the industry, the electronic cigarette manufacturers are also intensive production, and the demand for automation is increasing. Our company has negotiated the automata demand of a manufacturer of electronic cigarette vaporizers in a direction according to the needs of the market. And made an evaluation and project implementation plan for the design of the automaton, and the corresponding automaton products will be launched soon, and customers are welcome to negotiate and cooperate.