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HDMI19P shell inspection and packaging machine


Product name: HDMI19P shell inspection and packaging machine

Production process: Wafer into the plastic shell, CCD test, discharge and other functions.

  • Product Details

Machine equipment features:

  • The mechanism design is scientific, reliable, easy to use and maintain, the precision parts are simple and durable in processing and assembly, the standard parts are selected from well-known brands at home and abroad, and the testing process is complete and efficient.
  • This equipment has been verified, optimized and upgraded for a long time and has become our standard model. The whole machine adopts a large number of standard modules, which is low in cost and fast in delivery, and is stable, efficient and shared in the production process.
  • Intelligent control, real-time information feedback, and sound and light text reminder device are provided to make the whole production process simple.
  • Product accessories are well-known at home and abroad, such as Panasonic PLC control processors, Omron relays, Lexicon drivers, KEYENCE optical fibers, Dell mice, Logitech keyboards, etc.;

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