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The status quo of domestic non-standard automation equipment

time:2022-04-26 16:47source:

In recent years, with the continuous increase of labor costs, more and more enterprises have begun to pay attention to the field of industrial automation equipment, especially non-standard automation equipment, which is not as simple as traditional standard standard equipment, but has flexible customization. , convenient operation and diversification of functions have brought new development opportunities to the industrial manufacturing industry. my country's non-standard automation equipment is now entering the stage of development, but looking back on the past development process, it has also experienced many obstacles.

It is reported that China's manufacturing boom in the past relied on a large number of cheap labor. However, in recent years, with the reduction of the new labor force and the improvement of people's living standards, labor is no longer a cheap resource, and the labor cost of factories is increasing day by day. In order to meet the needs of efficient, safe and accurate production, automated production is gradually recognized and valued by business owners. As an important part of automated production, non-standard equipment has become more and more popular in the past 10 years, and a large number of excellent non-standard equipment manufacturers have emerged in the market.

The non-standard equipment industry as a whole shows a clear upward trend, and the application of the production industry is very wide. That is, the market space for non-standard equipment is vast, and even some traditional industries may become potential markets.

However, domestic small and medium-sized enterprises have limited ability to transform, and they still have a relatively shallow understanding of non-standard automation equipment, and the technical engineering talents of the factory are not so perfect. In addition, there are a large number of domestic non-standard enterprises, small scale, backward technology, and homogenization of competition. Various factors have led to the failure of non-standard equipment and small and medium-sized enterprises to combine well and effectively optimize the production method.

New non-standard automation equipment is often mechatronics equipment, making full use of the new achievements of information technology. However, the designers of some domestic enterprises are not familiar with the products and dare not or cannot choose, which greatly restricts the improvement of the level. Moreover, many core technologies are not truly independent, and it is obviously difficult to reduce costs by relying on imported equipment. At present, industrial robots, servo motors and other products are still mainly imported from abroad.

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