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High Current Contact Components Boom

time:2022-04-26 16:46source:

Schalkes Miller, March 29, 2021. Lumberg has been producing high-current contact elements tailored for the automotive sector for fifteen years. Such components are installed in millions of electromechanical modules and control units, especially in today's electric vehicles. Also recommended for use in industrial motors.

Especially in small spaces, the phase contactors inserted on the standard contact pads are most suitable for connecting printed circuit boards stacked on top of each other. The phase contacts can be SMT soldered to the printed circuit board or laser welded to the lead frame, making vertical contact with the contact pads on the second printed circuit board. The phase contacts with adaptation areas on both sides have a special function: here the contacts can be inserted from above, through the circuit board or from below. As specialists in precision stamping and bending contacts in high volume, Lumberg can also easily shape the dowels into the right geometry for a perfect fit on the printed circuit board.

Lumberg high current contact bushings are part number 4580 and are currently available with 6 standard contacts. The small 4580 03 single pole and tin plated contact receptacles make contact with contacts measuring 5.3mm x 0.8-1.0mm or up to 5.3mm x 2.0mm. Depending on the printed circuit board layout or leadframe, the current rating (at Tamb 20°C) can be up to 60A with a contact resistance of less than 0.5mΩ. In the large 4580 04, the size of the contact pads that can be contacted can reach 8mm, and the contact resistance is less than 1.0mΩ when the rated current reaches 80A.